ATENTA-MENTE | Collageno コラゲノ
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Collageno コラゲノ

Selection of artworks exhibited at AMIW in Daykanyama (where I painted the showcase), and 0FR Gallery at Nakameguro in Tokyo, 2014.

Made of original soft porn japanese magazines from sixties.

Collage and collagen are words who has the same greek root, kolla (Κόλλα) that means paste.

We can say that collagen is the glue that keep joined all the elements of the human body.

Collagen is the most common protein molecule in our bodies, essential for the elasticity and flexibility of the organs and for the integrity of the structures as the collage technique, joint different images for create a new one with different concept, showing a nice new image for the viewer and make him think about the message or imagine a new idea.

Like the collagen used at aesthetic clinics, that tries to beautify the customers, elongating their youth beauty.

That attempt to be more beautiful is the theme of this exhibition, trying to capture the different views and reactions that this cosmetic surgery may cause.